The committee, teachers and parents at Abington Pre-School are engaged in continued fund raising activities so as to improve the facilities available to the children in our care.
Should you wish to make an individual donation to the pre-school, please click on the Charity Checkout button below. Whatever you donate will be gratefully received and is likely to benefit children for years to come.

Donate to Abington Pre-School here

Buy some toys or equipment for the Pre-School
The pre-school has its own wish list on Amazon. The list includes toys and other equipment that the staff would like to get for the children. If you would like to buy something from the list for the pre-school, you can follow the link below (or look for Great Abington pre-school under Wish lists on Amazon’s site). It’s likely to be updated on a regular basis, so please do check regularly. If there’s anything you want to suggest for inclusion on the list, simply speak with the teachers. Anything you buy from the list will be sent directly to the pre-school and gratefully received.

Abington Pre-Schools Amazon Wish List

If you would like to learn more about our Primary School, click the link below:

Great Abington Primary School

To read the Ofsted report for the Pre-School, in full, click the link below

Abingtons full Ofsted report

To read the Ofsted report for GAPS, in full, click the link below

GAPS full Ofsted report