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As a small community charity we are reliant on volunteer fundraising and donations to carry on providing a great experience for our children with new equipment and fantastic events. Abington Pre-School receives only core funding from the government and is always seeking further funding to help us provide greater learning experiences.

Ways to donate:

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Abington PreSchool Go Fund Me

Go Fund Me

Abington Pre-School is a not for profit organisation, educating our young children aged 2-5 years.
We would like to raise funds to develop both the preschool room and the garden area which are both in need of a little TLC!
Unfortunately due to Covid-19 all fundraising events that were planned for last year had to be cancelled which meant that we have not been able toraise much needed funds.
All money donated will be used to enhance both the indoor and outdoor areas which will in turn help us to continue to extend the children’s learning whilst they are with us at pre-school.

Please use our Abington PreSchool GOFUNDME link if you would like to donate.

Smile Amazon

Remember, if you want Amazon to donate to Abington Pre School from your everyday Amazon orders, you need to start each shopping session at and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees) of your eligible purchases.

Charity Checkout

Make a donation to Abington Pre-School. The committee, staff, parents and carers at Abington Pre-School are engaged in continued fund raising activities so as to improve the facilities available to the children in our care. Should you wish to make an individual donation to the pre-school, please click on the Charity Checkout:

Whatever you donate will be gratefully received and is likely to benefit children for years to come.

Amazon Wishlist

Would you like to buy some toys or equipment for Abington Pre-School? The pre-school has its own wish list on Amazon. Anything you buy from the list will be sent directly to the pre-school and gratefully received.

If there’s anything you want to suggest for inclusion on the list, simply speak with a memeber of staff.

Please log in through and choose Abington Pre School when you shop from the wish list.

Abington Pre School Amazon Wish List